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Participating in the Activities of the Working Group

The President's Food Safety Working Group (FSWG) is interested in hearing from a broad range of stakeholders in a variety of ways about their ideas for improving the food safety system. In consultation with our partners on Capitol Hill, the working group is working on a set of principles and guidelines for improving food safety.

Help Us Build on the Foundation of these Five Principles:
  1. Rapidly Respond to Outbreaks & Facilitate Recovery (PDF)
  2. Expand Risk-Based Inspection & Enforcement (PDF)
  3. Focus on Prevention (PDF)
  4. Target Resources Effectively (PDF)
  5. Strengthen Surveillance & Risk Analysis (PDF)
How to Contribute Your Ideas
Have a suggestion for reforming food safety policy? Drop it in the FSWG email comment form, or let the Working Group know on know on Twitter via the account @FSWGListens or by using the hashtag #whsafefood in your tweets. You may also contribute via the White House Facebook page.
Keeping Food Safe for the American People

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